Things (hopefully) put to rest today

- UGA’s “blackouts”. Yes, turns out they were going to a funeral.
- “Knowshon for Heisman”. 34 yards on nine carries tonight.
- The idea that Matthew Stafford has “lost a bunch of weight”. Tubby sure can throw, though.
- ESPN’s assertion that Jarrett Lee did not play football until he was a junior in high school:

Second week in a row they’ve thrown that graphic up. Seriously – not true.
- The idea that Alabama is the best team in the country. Oh, wait, that notion is just popping up now. Unfortunately with Kentucky, Ole Miss, Tennessee and Arkansas State on deck before they play LSU, it’s an idea that’s likely to stick around a while. Big heads in Tuscaloosa, for sure.

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2 Responses to “Things (hopefully) put to rest today”

  1. Meathead says:

    UGA-Bama was a win-win for LSU. Bama wins & LSU moves up to #2. UGA wins & LSU holds sole possession of first place in the West. Well, now it looks like LSU will be #2 on Monday and the LSU-Bama game is setting up to be the SEC game of the season (provided LSU can get past UF & UGA unscathed).

    Remember, Saban won his first SEC title at LSU in his second season. He is in his second season at Bama. Hopefully the Tigers can be a roadblock to his success with the Tide.

  2. TCL says:

    And immediately after they put the graphic up on JLee, Mark Jones or Bob Davie says, “You know, his dad’s a football coach, who’s been coaching him since he was seven.” Idiots.

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