Goodbye purple jerseys for crap home games?

While giving Georgia fans at EAV Buzz a hard time about their looming “blackout” game against Alabama this weekend, I realized that Les Miles broke with the Saban Jersey Doctrine against North Texas two weeks ago.

The Saban Doctrine says that LSU shall wear purple jerseys at home for non-conference games that are not the home opener. Miles has followed this doctrine, breaking the practice only for the Arizona game in ’06 – the unspoken corollary being the rule is followed unless the game is against a non-patsy team.

Yet against North Texas, the Tigers were in glorious white:

North Texas

Having opened at home against Appalachian State, and with North Texas being a patsy, by the Saban Doctrine the Tigers should have been in purple jerseys.

Discounting the very real notion that Leslie simply forgot this rule, it would be great if Miles has quietly done away with the practice. Maybe he felt a need to hang on to Fonzie’s ways before he got his own crystal football, but he surely doesn’t need to now.

Don’t go messing with the uniform, Les (I don’t want to see any “eye of the Tiger” crap showing up on them), but I’d endorse going back to full-time white jerseys at home.

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  1. Tank says:

    More of this please…..

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