SEC Week 1 Recap

Coming fast and furious with a scant three days between the last SEC game (Tennessee) last week and the first one (Vandy / South Carolina) tonight. So to recap Week 1 predictions here:

- I already wrote a good bit about LSU’s QB trials in Week 1. Suffice it to say the Appy game showed LSU is rock-solid on the offensive and defensive lines, capable but needing improvement for SEC play in the defensive backfield and needing to settle on a QB before Sept. 20. Having the Troy game moved because of Gustav damage in Baton Rouge really won’t help the team get ready for Auburn, but it is what it is. And I got that pick right.

- Alabama / Clemson. The Tide has a history of building up hopes with unexpected great performances, so I’m not ready to get too excited about Fonzie’s dismantling of Clemson. It could well be that Clemson just sucks. But Saban had a lot of young kids in the game, and from all appearances they knew the gameplan and executed well. So good job on Fonzie’s part there; we’ll see what happens in SEC play. I blew the pick.

- Tennessee / UCLA. I should get credit for picking the Vols here, because the Vols should have won this game. But they didn’t, Norm Chow totally out-coached Tennessee in the second half, and those hillbillies made the SEC look stupid out West. I blew the pick.

- Florida / Hawaii. As expected, and the most impressive SEC v. Patsy showing by far. I got the pick.

- Georgia / Georgia Southern. Pretty unimpressive debut by the Dawgs. But they won, and No. 2 isn’t a bad place to be. I got the pick.

- Auburn / ULM. Also pretty unspectacular debut for the Tigers. And it’s good news for LSU that Auburn will be playing the older, less mobile and less talented QB going forward. I got the pick.

- South Carolina / NC State. Cocks shouldn’t get all excited yet, but a pretty good show here except for the QB problems. I got the pick.

- Kentucky / Louisville. Louisville sucks. I got the pick.

- Mississippi State / La. Tech. My apologies to the La. Tech crowd. The team looked pretty good, and Ruston is a lovely town. I blew the pick.

- Ole Miss / Memphis. Strong debut for Mr. Nutt. I got the pick.

- Arkansas / W. Illinois. I actually picked this as an 8-point game, and the Hogs won by 4. Doesn’t bode well, but I got the pick.

- Vandy / Miami (OH). Go ‘Dores. Nice win on the road against what’s supposed to be a decent Mid-Major. I got the pick.

For the week – 9-3
For the season – 9-3

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3 Responses to “SEC Week 1 Recap”

  1. Hofo says:

    It’s pretty standard fare for a SEC team to open with someone that’s much less of an opponent than they’ll face in the “regular” season. What would you look for to make wins against Ga. Southern and ULM “impressive” or “spectacular”?

  2. Cap'n Ken says:

    Something more than a 23 point margin and 24 points scored in the first half against an unspectacular I-AA team when you’re the “No. 1 team”, perhaps? More than 59 yards from the “Heisman candidate” / “second coming of Hershel Walker”?

    And Auburn was so horrible on offense that their OC apologized.

  3. Hofo says:

    Ok, just asking. Me, I’ve never been a big fan of the idea that you’ve got to run up the score to prove how good you are. If you’re leading by a comfortable margin in the 3rd or 4th quarter and you let in the second string so they can get some playing time and that allows the opponent to score, I’m ok with that. But then again, I’m not a poll voter.

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