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Google 2001 to Sarah Palin – who are you?

This amuses me. Google’s throwback search engine they’re rolled out to celebrate their 10th birthday – Google 2001 – is a great way to see how the world was viewed a scant 7.5 years ago. What I had to check out was the engine’s view on our current Presidential tickets. “Barack Obama” tells the tale [...]

Great moments in exaggeration

I try my best not to visit (the hideous web design offends my sensibilities), but I do subscribe to the site’s feeds (which also sucks, because stories are repeated over and over in the feed) because Scott Rabalais does remain a good source of LSU info. And I clicked over this evening to read [...]

SEC Week 5 Recap

I don’t buy into the idea of “upset weekends”, but having the No. 1 and No. 4 teams go down to teams they should have destroyed drives home the most important point of all – what matters most is simply winning. And watching Ole Miss make Florida pay dearly for its mistakes earlier in the [...]

Things (hopefully) put to rest today

- UGA’s “blackouts”. Yes, turns out they were going to a funeral. – “Knowshon for Heisman”. 34 yards on nine carries tonight. – The idea that Matthew Stafford has “lost a bunch of weight”. Tubby sure can throw, though. – ESPN’s assertion that Jarrett Lee did not play football until he was a junior in [...]

SEC Week 5 Predictions

USC’s loss to the Beavers last night sets this weekend up as Upset Watch ’08, Part I. Last season led the college football world up to expect lots of top-5 upsets and general disarray in the season. So now we’re on watch for the Great Crumbling once again. No. 6 LSU, of course, welcomes to [...]

Goodbye purple jerseys for crap home games?

While giving Georgia fans at EAV Buzz a hard time about their looming “blackout” game against Alabama this weekend, I realized that Les Miles broke with the Saban Jersey Doctrine against North Texas two weeks ago. The Saban Doctrine says that LSU shall wear purple jerseys at home for non-conference games that are not the [...]

Postgame photo of the century

Gary Crowton greeting his quarterbacks after Saturday’s win over Auburn: Assuming Andrew Hatch was, in fact, aware of his own existence again by this point, he’s got the unmistakable look of the guy who just realized that hot girl in the bar is actually after his friend, not him. Love hurts sometimes. Runner-up for postgame [...]

SEC Week 4 Recap

First things first – I give Jarrett Lee all the credit in the world for hanging tough and leading the team to a win over Auburn after putting LSU in what seemed like an inescapable hole to end the first half. It was a true trial by fire – he had to step up and [...]

SEC Week 4 Predictions

Loyal Wisdom readers will recall that I could not bring myself to pick LSU to win the SEC West in my season preview. At the time I said Auburn’s uncertainty at quarterback seemed preferable to LSU’s uncertainty at quarterback, and thus I gave the pre-season edge to Auburn in both Saturday’s game and the SEC [...]

SEC schedule iPhone app – now with 12 teams!

Gearing up for the Auburn game this weekend, I wanted to make sure I had a good way to check scores on my iPhone. So I headed over to the iTunes store. Browsing around the Sports apps, I saw this awesome SEC Football Schedule app with a key update for version 2.0: And only a [...]

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