Why I question McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin

It’s not because McCain stands a good chance of dying in office and turning the most powerful nation in the world over to a woman who two years ago had only been mayor of a town of 8,800. It’s not that even now she governs a population only roughly the size of Charlotte.

No, it’s because Sarah Palin is a sellout! This is her on a campaign stop with McCain in Ohio today:

That’s right – she bought some Buckeye merchandise at an Ohio State fan store for her daughter. I doubt this Idaho native and longtime resident of Wasilla, Alaska has a built-in passion for Ohio State sports. Maybe her and McCain are attending the Ohio State / Youngstown State game tomorrow, but this faux fandom – shameless!

And Ohio State? Jeez. Everybody knows the trendy pick this year is Georgia. I hear Obama may be giving the GOP trouble down here this year, also. She’d better pick herself up a red (or is that black) jersey soon.

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