SEC Week 1 Predictions

We are, as I begin to write this, 90 minutes away from the start of college football season. These are my favorite four-plus months of the year, by far. And away we go.

No. 6 LSU, of course, opens up by hosting No. 1 (in I-AA) Appalachian State Saturday afternoon in Baton Rouge. And there is but one goal for the Tigers – don’t be Michigan. And, I suppose, figure out who your quarterback is. But most importantly – don’t be Michigan.

What I expect out of this game – I have no idea. App State has Armanti Edwards, who isn’t worth much as a passer, but runs a lot. Maybe the Mountaineers will play Arkansas’ Wildhog offense. Worked pretty well during LSU’s last home game.

But I have to believe big-school talent and a strong motivation to not be Michigan overcomes whatever shred of potency and motivation App State will be able to muster for this game. I figure LSU’s defense should be pretty tight, considering how well we’ve been starting seasons of late, and I figure the offense will run a lot, be successful at that and test our QBs in the passing game and overall field leadership. So knock off a few points for the semi-scrimmage and QB tryout nature of this one.

LSU 31 – 10

Elsewhere in the SEC:

No. 9 Clemson plays No. 26 Alabama just up the road at the Georgia Dome. This is actually a game I’d love to go see as a disinterested party, but not at the expense of LSU on ESPN. Fonzie has said Julio Jones will start at wide receiver in his first game out of high school (and against a top-10 team), but I don’t expect Bama to lean too heavily on the soon-to-be superstar. I expect Bama’s too-young defense to get eaten up by the Tigers, who return enough playmakers to have a distinct edge in an opener. Clemson 27 – 17

No. 18 Tennessee at No. 46 UCLA (Monday). Damn the NCAA and the networks and their non-Saturday games. Yeah, I know it’s a holiday and all that, but this would have made a great capper to a Saturday not filled with enough good games. But it is what it is. I don’t know a heck of a lot about UCLA except that their always-hurt quarterback is hurt again. And they have new coaches up and down the line, including Norm Chow – ex of USC. But whatever excitement may come from that other L.A. team, it’s a long way off. Vols 24 – 15

Hawaii at No. 5 Florida. Once upon a time, this didn’t seem like a bad game. But injuries, suspensions, coaches leaving and the general de-flowering of Hawaii as a serious football program set this one up to be yet another long trip to humiliation for the Rainbows. Gators 56 – 3

Georgia Southern at No. 1 Georgia. I hear the number one team in the country can’t even get their opener on TV. Sad, really. Georgia 13 – 10

LA-Monroe at No. 11 Auburn. Yeah, it was cool last season when ULM beat Fonzie and the gang. Can they march back in to Alabama and do it again? No. Auburn 27 – 10

N.C. State at No. 27 South Carolina (Thursday). The Wolfpack finished 5-7 last year; the Cocks 6-6. But there’s more than a one-game spread in the programs right now. Cocks 19 – 12

No. 44 Kentucky at No. 50 Louisville. Oh, but for a fleeting moment this matchup was somewhat significant. Those days are gone. Kentucky 42 – 35

No. 42 Mississippi State at Louisiana Tech. Wait – at Louisiana Tech? Damn, Sly, I thought you were past that kind of stuff now. Nobody goes to Ruston. Mississippi State 52 – 20

Memphis at Ole Miss. So was it Coach O, or are the Rebels really as bad as they played under the Crazy Cajun? I’m gonna give Nutt the benefit of the doubt. Ole Miss 31 – 27

Western Illinois at Arkansas. I love that Jackass’ team didn’t get a single vote in the pre-season poll. Not a one. And I can never keep up with these “Western” schools – is this one of the decent ones? Who cares – Arkansas 10 – 2

Vanderbilt at Miami (Not Florida). OK, Vandy I can see going on the road to play some loser team. And I picked them to go winless in the SEC; I’ll toss a bone. Vandy 6 – 3

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6 Responses to “SEC Week 1 Predictions”

  1. TCL says:

    Dude I can’t stand Georgia as much as the next guy, but 13-10 over Georgia Southern? Damn.

  2. John says:

    “Memphis at Ole Miss. So was it Coach O, or are the Rebels really as bad as they played under the Crazy Cajun? I’m gonna give Nutt the benefit of the douct. Ole Miss 31 – 27″

    I did a double take. If you have to have an inadvertent typo, I guess misspelling doubt looks better as douct. My first inclination was you misspelled douche.

    ‘Cause it would look funny saying “give Nutt the benefit of the douche.”


  3. Cap'n Ken says:

    Ha – I should go with “benefit of the douche”.

  4. joe says:

    Nice prediction on the Mississippi State @ Louisiana Tech game. It’s easy for SEC fans to brag about how much better they are when they get all the non-conference games at home.

  5. Cap'n Ken says:

    Hey Joe – Congrats on the big win in Ruston. I gotta say La. Tech looked pretty darn good, and if you can hold on to Dooley for a couple of years things will only get better. I endorse a strong La. Tech.

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