Jobs I Should Apply For: Interview Reggae Artist

Wow, heck of an opportunity here. Interview the reggae band Morgan Heritage – with questions provided! And the freedom to add my own questions. Sweet. The technical requirement of not recording the interview digitally – unless you do so in a way that you can transfer it to “CD format” … which I think is digital, so that seems doable – is a downer, but the compensation of the potential of free tickets to their gig (if you ask them nice during the interview, I suppose) is pretty awesome.

I’d like, by the way to offer a similar position to Wisdom readers. It is as follows:

Interview Rock artist (anywhere)

The band you will interview is the rock group U2. The questions will be provided for you. Feel free to add your own. This is a non-paid gig, however there is a high possibility that you will gain a picture of yourself with the band, and maybe free tickets to a concert or something.

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