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LSU v. Auburn – week 1

I think it’s fair to say a whole lot of the SEC West race will hinge on the LSU/Auburn showdown Sept. 20 – and apparently a lot also hinges on whether Alabama’s dehumanizing of Clemson was Bama being great or Clemson being horrible, because Fonzie’s boys absolutely tore it up. And there are questions circling [...]

Why I question McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin

It’s not because McCain stands a good chance of dying in office and turning the most powerful nation in the world over to a woman who two years ago had only been mayor of a town of 8,800. It’s not that even now she governs a population only roughly the size of Charlotte. No, it’s [...]

How to be a piss-poor blogger

So I subscribe to an RSS feed on that is the writings of some guy named Kevin Donahue. I think this guy must be an LSU blogger or something – I don’t always recall why I add something to RSS. So, anyway, this morning there’s a piece in my RSS called 15 must-haves for [...]

SEC Week 1 Predictions

We are, as I begin to write this, 90 minutes away from the start of college football season. These are my favorite four-plus months of the year, by far. And away we go. No. 6 LSU, of course, opens up by hosting No. 1 (in I-AA) Appalachian State Saturday afternoon in Baton Rouge. And there [...]

Jobs I Should Apply For: Interview Reggae Artist

Wow, heck of an opportunity here. Interview the reggae band Morgan Heritage – with questions provided! And the freedom to add my own questions. Sweet. The technical requirement of not recording the interview digitally – unless you do so in a way that you can transfer it to “CD format” … which I think is [...]

College Football Preview: LSU and the SEC West

I’ll take the suspense out of this right up front – I’m not picking LSU to win the SEC West. There’s just no way I can at the moment given our quarterback situation. It would appear that the man taking the first snaps of the season will, in fact, be Mr. Andrew Hatch – late [...]

Wow, Rabalais leaving The Advocate to be a blogger

Scott Rabalais, a longtime sportswriter for The Advocate (The Baton Rouge daily, not the national gay newspaper) is jumping ship from the print world to the web world, going to work as a blogger for, part of an ESPN-associated startup network of sports blogs. Man, what has this world come to? I went to [...]

College Football Preview: SEC East

Georgia is No. 1. Georgia will win the BCS Title. Knowshon Moreno is the next Herschel Walker. Mark Richt is God. You know, I’m sorry. I don’t buy it. I never bought the “BCS is in the bag” nonsense, because you simply cannot look past the Dawgs’ schedule. At South Carolina, at Arizona State, Alabama [...]

TechCrunch rant about ‘CNN’ Phelps ‘spoiler’ on Twitter goes haywire

One of the great things about an RSS client is that once it grabs a published article, it hangs on to it. If you make changes later, the first thing you published will disappear from your site, but not my client if it passed by before the change. If you change the title of a [...]

Jobs I Should Apply For: “Internet Job”

Well, this one is kind of a no-brainer. I mean, I’ve been doing “internet job” for almost 11 years now. Reliable – yep; honest – sure. And at home in my spare time is perfect. I’m not sure about the pay, though. “Internet job” usually pays more than $8 an hour.

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