Jobs I Should Apply For: Store Reset Specialist

Job Title: Store Reset Specialist

Job Description: Responsible for representing ACOSTA, our principals, and our customers through the proper implementation of current plan-o-grams, new items, void corrections or special merchandising activity for the specific set and location. Rotate stock, display products as appropriate per schematic. Perform such duties as checking date codes per ensuring adherence to plan-o-gram, replacing decals/re-order tags or ads and placing point of purchase material. May assist in the transportation and on-site delivery of all materials, supplies and equipment necessary for the assigned set. Responsible for special projects as assigned.

Job Qualifications: High School Diploma/GED required. Prior food broker, retail and set responsibility experience preferred. Must be able to lift up to 60 pounds. Must be able to effectively communicate with others. Must be able to sit for long periods of time, stoop and kneel on a daily basis. Must have a valid driver’s license and must be able to drive a car for extended periods of time.

Employer: ACOSTA

This one seems pretty awesome. Any job that involves working with a “plan-o-gram” has to be cool. The possibility of “special projects” is very exciting as well. And I have tremendous experience with stooping and kneeling on a daily basis. I haven’t sat for more than 10 minutes in about a year, but I have a lot of experience driving a car for extended periods of time (mostly between Atlanta and Baton Rouge). As for communicating well with others – hey, read The Wisdom!

I suppose the gist of this job is that you drive around to stores and make sure the products of ACOSTA clients are displayed correctly (according to the plan-o-gram), have the right specials posted and stuff like that. I’d rank this position fairly high up the chain in that mythical “if all jobs paid the same amount” consideration. Alas, I doubt this position pays all that well – and I’ll have to see about lifting those 60 pounds. Lifting 24.5 pounds a thousand times a day is no problem, though.

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One Response to “Jobs I Should Apply For: Store Reset Specialist”

  1. TCL says:

    Warning! Warning!

    Actual Wisdom to impart here:

    Make sure you don’t lift and hold the kid on the same side all the time. I made that mistake for the first 4-5 years and have left-shoulder problems these 14 years later.


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