Musburger on CFL? No, no, no, no, no!

Apparently today is the day when ESPN rolls out the full-time edition of College Football Live for the season. So my long-dormant DVR timer for it fired off at 6 p.m. Eastern, and what do I get? F*cking Brent Musburger hosting???? Please, God, don’t let this be.

Musburger is the guy who makes me turn off LSU TV audio and listen to Jim Hawthorne incorrectly calling the game on a 10-second delay. That’s how much I hate Brent Musburger. He’s as old as Keith Jackson with none of the charm and the little “snappy” Dick Vitale announcing style he added a few years ago is beyond intolerable. I don’t know if I can watch a season of College Football Live if he’s the host.

What’s more – CFL has apparently added some central-casting young hottie (named Molly Qerim) to anchor the “interactive” portions of the show. And, of course, taking on the expense of bimbo care and feeding means they’ve got to expand the stupid fan “involvement” in the show. So now it’s not just pointless video clips from drunken fans, now we’re going to have things like a March Madness-style fan-vote “bracket” to determine the coolest helmets in college football. I’m not making that up.

ESPN, you had the best thing going with CFL – daily, in-depth coverage of college football all season long. But if this is what you’ve decided to turn CFL in to, I’ll have one less must-see show on my DVR.


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4 Responses to “Musburger on CFL? No, no, no, no, no!”

  1. Meathead says:

    Yep, the new set, cast, and even the hottie bimbo are a turn in the WRONG direction for CFL. I used to watch the show from beginning to end & hang on every word. When this abortion premiered this week, I actually caught myself wishing for a 30 minute Lou Holtz locker room pep talk!

  2. Smoove D says:

    I caught it today while working out. I’d never seen it before, so have no basis for a relative comparison, but on an absolute basis, I’ll never watch again. The best helmets? Come on. We all know the winner will be the school with the most fans who have too much spare time and extra internet. The bimbo hottie is at least hot, but I can save time simply Googling for pictures of her.

  3. Cap'n Ken says:

    Ha – Musburger wasn’t even hosting today, and you still thought it sucked. And you’re right. I’m not sure what’s up with the woman who they refuse to give a close-up to (she actually seems fairly attractive … from a distance), but another ridiculous thing they’re doing is this “rapid fire” questioning of coaches they bring on. Yes, it’s quite valuable for you to confuse Pete Carroll by asking him about his former job selling roofing material and for us to learn what the best aspect of that job was.

    Poor, very poor. And it’s a shame – ESPN should be the standard-bearer of actual information about the sport, and CFL should be an awesome venue for that. They are losing it, and I shudder to think what GameDay might be like this season if the same people are running it.

  4. TCL says:

    Michigan will win “best” helmet, but it should be Penn State or Bama.

    I don’t find this Molly lass so hot, at least not from the Google image search. Begone!

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