Jobs I Should Apply For: Co-Host of “The Bull” morning show

I’ve been meaning to make a regular Wisdom feature out of job postings I happen across in the course of my job search. I cast a wide net of job feeds that come in through RSS, so there are interesting and amusing ones floating by all the time. So call it a feature …

Job Title: 94.9 The Bull / Morning Show co-host

Job Description: 94.9 “The Bull” in Atlanta is looking for an additional and fresh perspective for the Cledus T. Judd Morning Show! The job is open and waiting for someone that is real and can relate to their listeners. This will be a very valuable member of our team and it’s your opportunity to get in at the start of something BIG.

Qualifications: TO APPLY, send AUDIO and RESUMES to: 94.9 The Bull / HR DEPT, 1819 Peachtree Road NE #700, Atlanta, GA 30309. OR – email to

Employer: Clear Channel Communications

My Strengths: If my perspective is anything, it’s fresh and additional. No specific mention of previous radio experience required – but I have previous radio experience! That’s right, I do. It’s fallen off my resume, but in the summer of 1988 or so, I was the weekend station manager, DJ and host of two live shows – a Cajun music show and Sunday Mass at the local Catholic church at KCLF radio in New Roads, Louisiana.

My Weaknesses: I’ve never heard the Cledus T Judd Morning Show, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say I probably wouldn’t like it. And I’m going to assume that the “I hate you people” perspective isn’t exactly what The Bull is looking for. Plus, I bet you have to get up real early for this gig.

So I think I’ll pass. But I may live to regret it.

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