CNN’s half-assed HD

A couple of months ago, Dish Network flipped the switch and turned on a bunch more HD channels, including CNN HD. And I’m guessing Dish is one of the few TV providers carrying CNN HD, because the network is totally half-assing their HD broadcasting.

The only things actually broadcast in HD are the CNN programs that originate in their New York studio and some things coming out of Washington. Programming originating in Atlanta is not broadcast in HD. I think the folks working on the television side of CNN here in Atlanta ought to take note of that – the lack of HD investment here is another sign that network power and image is shifting rapidly to New York.

So the bulk of CNN HD’s programming comes out of Atlanta and, therefore, isn’t actually in HD. Kind of lame if you ask me. But today I saw that CNN has rolled out a much lamer element of their “HD” broadcast:

Brianna Keiller in HD

Yep, instead of the standard yet ironic “HD” graphic that CNN places in the dead-bar area of their 16×9 image when they’re not actually broadcasting in HD, the network is now placing advertisements for their shows in this area. That is tremendously not cool.

You see, I’m paying extra for HD programming, including CNN HD. But instead of actually broadcasting the majority of your programming in HD, you’re going to put promotional ads in the space that should be this HD image I’m paying extra for? That is just a huge, huge swing from the investment I’m making as your customer and the action you are taking as my supplier. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

If CNN isn’t going to invest in HD broadcasting equipment for Atlanta, that’s one thing. But to actually take advantage of their lack of HD investment to shove more house ads on the air – no.

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One Response to “CNN’s half-assed HD”

  1. Smoove D says:

    Awesome. We’re one step closer to Idiocracy.

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