Dish Network killing my illegal TiVo-patent-violating 942 DVR after all

So back in April Dish Network was slapped with an injunction against selling certain DVRs in the wake of the TiVo patent infringement case. The models affected included the HD 942 DVR that I have as my upstairs unit, but Dish’s announcement of the injunction specifically said units already in use were not subject to the the injunction and may continue to be used by customers.

Dish Injunction

Or not.

This afternoon I got a call from Dish customer service saying that my 942 DVR will no longer receive Dish programming after August 1 and must be replaced. That’s very different from what was said before and has apparently been reported to this point. Dish, as usual, is cool about the whole thing – they’re setting me up with a no-cost lease of another HD 622 DVR (because I own my 942) and hustling a technician out here on Monday at no cost to set it up.

I’ll have to endure the usual pain of either losing recorded programs or moving them off the 942 to something else (I don’t remember if the 942 supports USB transfer or not), but the 942 doesn’t get the expanded set of HD channels I get on my 622, so all in all I call this good for me.

It’s not so good, however, for the unaware folks who are about to close a deal on eBay for a receiver with a useful life of 28 days from today.

I can’t stay I still quite understand what makes the newer DVRs not infringe upon the TiVo patent, but Dish has filed suit to get that judgment made official by a Delaware court. So given that they are taking a solid move to rid the world of the offending DVRs, filing suit against TiVo’s statements about their new one and heavily promoting their new DVRs, they must feel pretty strongly that they’re in the clear now.

Let’s hope so. New DVR will be something like my 10th one in about seven years.

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9 Responses to “Dish Network killing my illegal TiVo-patent-violating 942 DVR after all”

  1. Bonnie LG says:

    So your 942 will not receive dish programming after Aug. 1, 2008.

    Does this mean you have until August to transfer all your recorded program ?
    Or will you lose your ‘dvr functionality’ before that date?
    Can you continue to keep your dvr after Aug. 1, since you own it?

    Perhaps I should be asking Dish these questions, but I don’t trust
    their objectivity. Maybe you (or other readers) have first-hand information about this.

    I have a different model, which seems safe for now (mine received updated software), but I suspect it would take more than a few days
    to tranfer all of my recordings.
    I think mine got run over by a bus and can’t be replaced.

    Others have continued to watch old recordings on their dvr’s without a service card or Dish service (This comment):

  2. Christopher Dahl says:

    Cap’n Ken,
    I suspected this might begin to happen… eventually.
    I am not looking forward to transferring my recordings either.

    Tivo is making a lot of people (potentially millions of people)
    very unhappy.
    We have $4.00 a gallon gas, mortgage crisis, a deepening recession,
    airlines in trouble, and now we have this to deal with.

    This may seem unimportant to some people, but it’s annoyance
    I (we) really didn’t need at this point in time.

    Tivo playing the role of the pious downtrodden inventors slighted by large successful satellite provider doesn’t quite ring true for me.

  3. Cap'n Ken says:

    Bonnie – I own my 942 (I do not lease it), so I can keep the box. Dish will give me $10 for it, but I’ll just keep it.

    If you keep your 942, you should be able to watch the programs that you’ve recorded even though you won’t get the satellite programming any longer. I also plan this weekend to transfer the more important programs to a USB drive (I understand 942 has been updated to accommodate that). I should be able to move those programs back on to the new 622.

  4. Law News says:

    Thanks, this article help me understand about patent.

  5. [...] I mentioned about six weeks ago, Dish Network killed off my 942 HD-DVR and other older models either as part of their TiVo mess or just as policy during [...]

  6. D. Gray says:

    I’ve been following Ken’s story here for a while, and I’m still not sure of

    Can you still play back the old recordings on a disconnected Dish DVR ?

    Of course, I can disconnect from Dish and the satellite for a time and
    still play back old recordings; but for how long ???

    I’ve received conflicting information on this.
    Some say indefinitely, others claim only for about a week to a month.

    If anyone out there has any real experience with this, any information would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

  7. Cap'n Ken says:

    D Gray – yes, you can use the old DVR as a playback-only box. We’re doing that for some kid shows our daughter watches that aren’t on anymore. You get an “acquiring signal” message when you turn it on, but you can just go to the DVR recordings menu and it’s no problem.

  8. Gloria Smith says:

    My husband has taped over 100 NCIS episodes. He wants to transfer them to DVDs. Is that possible? Legal? If so, how does he do it? Thanks for the help–he is driving me crazy–using up all our recording time for NCIS!!

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