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McCain rocks the Fudge Haus

I couldn’t make this up if I wanted to. At roughly the same time Barack Obama was addressing thousands of enchanted Germans in Berlin: John McCain was also courting the German goodwill in Columbus, Ohio. And while CNN chose to carry Obama’s speech live, they gave equal time to McCain by showing a delayed tape [...]

Testing out iPhone posting

WordPress App looks fairly cool. Let’s add a photo … Camera crashed the phone on the first try; OK after that. They probably have some bugs to work out yet. But a game-changer for sure.

Jobs I Should Apply For: Store Reset Specialist

Job Title: Store Reset Specialist Job Description: Responsible for representing ACOSTA, our principals, and our customers through the proper implementation of current plan-o-grams, new items, void corrections or special merchandising activity for the specific set and location. Rotate stock, display products as appropriate per schematic. Perform such duties as checking date codes per ensuring adherence [...]

Musburger on CFL? No, no, no, no, no!

Apparently today is the day when ESPN rolls out the full-time edition of College Football Live for the season. So my long-dormant DVR timer for it fired off at 6 p.m. Eastern, and what do I get? F*cking Brent Musburger hosting???? Please, God, don’t let this be. Musburger is the guy who makes me turn [...]

Starbucks pulls back big in Baton Rouge

Congratulations to Baton Rouge on shedding a whopping nine Starbucks locations in the coffee-peddler’s pullback. By comparison, all of metro Atlanta will see just 10 Starbucks close in the downsizing. Baton Rouge will have but four Starbucks after the closings. I’m commenting from a distance and without having been down to Louisiana for almost a [...]

Jobs I Should Apply For: Co-Host of “The Bull” morning show

I’ve been meaning to make a regular Wisdom feature out of job postings I happen across in the course of my job search. I cast a wide net of job feeds that come in through RSS, so there are interesting and amusing ones floating by all the time. So call it a feature … Job [...]

CNN’s half-assed HD

A couple of months ago, Dish Network flipped the switch and turned on a bunch more HD channels, including CNN HD. And I’m guessing Dish is one of the few TV providers carrying CNN HD, because the network is totally half-assing their HD broadcasting. The only things actually broadcast in HD are the CNN programs [...]

Dish Network killing my illegal TiVo-patent-violating 942 DVR after all

So back in April Dish Network was slapped with an injunction against selling certain DVRs in the wake of the TiVo patent infringement case. The models affected included the HD 942 DVR that I have as my upstairs unit, but Dish’s announcement of the injunction specifically said units already in use were not subject to [...]

Pat Dye’s long-lost Judge Smails pants recovered

This is too freaking funny. Former Auburn coach Pat Dye loses his pants – and not just any pants; awesome Judge Smails plaid golf pants – in an Alabama lake in the mid-80s. Because of the drought, the pants resurface and Coach Dye is finally reunited with them. And the story is “broken” by the [...]

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