Worst unsupported browser experience ever

So I opened a new business checking account with SunTrust Bank – had to support the one bank left in East Atlanta Village, and you can’t beat “free” – a couple of weeks ago and ran in to the most frustratingly stupid unsupported browser experience I’ve ever seen.

When you sign up for Business Checking, SunTrust emails you an access code to set up their Online Cash Manager service (what they’d call “online banking” for a regular account, I guess). So I go to the enrollment site, put in my info and access code and hit Submit. I’m left at a “Server Not Found” error when redirected to whatever other site they needed to send me to.

OK, fine. No big deal – I’ll just try again later. Later = same deal. Later still = still the same deal.

I’m not in a particularly big hurry to get set up, so I emailed customer service to find out what’s happening. And several days later – with no response whatsoever from customer service – I needed to get things rolling to move my AdSense payments over to the new account. So I opt for the last resort; talking to a human.

Five minutes on hold and one transfer later, I land at the desk of a SunTrust OCM agent. I tell him what’s happening, and he asks “are you using Firefox?” I tell him yes, and he says “you have to use Internet Explorer. Try that.”

Oh, for F*ck’s sake. I told the guy that they really should let customers know of this limitation, and he agreed. From the tone in his voice, I imagine he gets this call many times a day. I mean, Firefox has about 40% share of the browser market now.

So SunTrust requires new business accounts to go through a process that requires IE (the actual OCM system, by the way, supports Firefox), but they don’t tell you that. Unreal.

They could:

- Actually support Firefox (hard, I guess)
- Mention this limitation in the email they send out with the access code (unbelievably easy)
- Detect your browser and mention the limitation on the sign-up page (easy)
- Detect your browser and send you to an actual error message when you submit the form (harder)

But, instead, they say nothing, ignore customer support emails and probably field calls on 40% of the new accounts when people try to set it up. If anybody is up for the job of VP of Customer Care at SunTrust, there’s a really easy way for you to meet your support-call-reduction goals.

The kicker of the story is that a couple of days later I get a courtesy “welcome” call from the East Atlanta branch manager. I tell him all is fine with my account, but mention this problem with sign-up.

His response – “I know. That’s a problem.”


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2 Responses to “Worst unsupported browser experience ever”

  1. Meathead says:

    God forbid someone tries to open a business with a mac. I assume Safari is not supported either.

    First business expense, buy XP or Vista & install via Boot Camp or Parallels

  2. John says:

    Businesses that tie their systems to one browser/one platform are myopic indeed. What advantage do they have, because with IE, it certainly can’t be in the name of “security.”

    Do yourself and other consumers a favor, take your business elsewhere and tell them why. Campus Federal didn’t support Macs when they launched and they had so many complaints, they had their system changed within a few weeks. It is afterall, attached to an institution of higher learning…

    Don’t know much about SunTrust, but it sounds like they need to get a grip on the real market place.

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