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Least-surprising outcome ever

From The Advocate (the Baton Rouge daily, not the national gay newspaper) Motorcyclist dies in solo wreck Friday A motorcyclist traveling with no helmet and no headlights down a dark highway was killed late Friday when he ran off the road and was ejected from his bike, said a State Police news release. Herman R. [...]

On the sidelines

Going out to my car the other day, I noticed this coffee mug hanging out on the garage floor. It had fallen off the shelf where I put empty Coke Zero cans and travel mugs when I have fresh beverages to take with me somewhere. Yep, there it is. One of the more practical bits [...]

Yahoo / Google deal – good move

In an award-eligible and widely-ignored piece about five weeks ago, I detailed my unoriginal thoughts on a potential search outsourcing deal that could save Yahoo from collapse in the wake of Microsoft’s failed bid to buy the company. And today Yahoo and Google struck just such a deal. So I figured it worthwhile to take [...]

Worst unsupported browser experience ever

So I opened a new business checking account with SunTrust Bank – had to support the one bank left in East Atlanta Village, and you can’t beat “free” – a couple of weeks ago and ran in to the most frustratingly stupid unsupported browser experience I’ve ever seen. When you sign up for Business Checking, [...]

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