My favorite part of the NFL draft

No, it wasn’t that Glenn Dorsey got himself far enough up into guaranteed-money territory to set himself up nicely even if Auburn’s hit-job on him last season keeps him from realizing his pro potential. It wasn’t Craig Steltz and his fabulous man-mane being matched so perfectly with the Chicago Bears.

It was this:

- Former Evangel superstar QB, USC signal caller and flag-bearer for the big Booty family John David Booty sat around until the 5th round (pick 137).

- Former Evangel work-a-day fullback and LSU football plow Jacob Hester goes in the 3rd round (pick 69).

Yes, I’m happy to see John David get the snub.

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3 Responses to “My favorite part of the NFL draft”

  1. Meathead says:

    I think Dorsey to KC is better than Dorsey to the ATL, but I would have loved to have seen him in Black & Gold next season. Alas, the Saints had to settle for a Trojan.

    Hester will be solid as a blocker for LT. Booty will get shellacked in Minnesota, but I believe that his NFL career will still be longer than big brothers Josh “MLB Bust” Booty & Abrahm “Catch it & run for the sidelines” Booty.

    As for Matt Damon…err…Flynn, he is going to have to go head to head with Brian Brohm as Green Bay went on a QB shopping spree to find a replacement for Brett Fah-vruh.

  2. Gregg H. says:

    I was very happy to see my San Diego Chargers pick up Hester. He’ll thank them for moving up to grab him when he’s playing in the Super Bowl his rookie season.

  3. TCL says:

    Do what now? Football after college? I don’t get it.

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