Demarcus Buice denied bond, makes awesome apology

This is a bit of a cross-post from Live For Buzz (still building juice there), but it was a big day for Buzzers down at DeKalb Magistrate Court.

The short story (see Live For Buzz for details) is that there is a local perp named Demarcus Buice who is charged with four burglaries and suspected of many more. He has been on the Atlanta Police Most Wanted list for six months and was finally picked up this week. Showing up at court this morning was part of the strategy to get bond denied and keep him in jail.

And it worked. But the awesomeness came from Buice deciding it was a good idea for him to tell the judge he won’t break into any more houses and to apologize to the crowd for breaking into their homes. WSB-TV was there to capture it.

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