Totally uncalled for

The LSU football team made their pilgrimage to the White House yesterday to get the obligatory pat on the back from the President. Good job by Steltz of getting his manly mane up front for the big photo op with George:


And we gave Bush a 7 jersey, not a 1 (like Texas) or a 43 (like Florida). We gave him a 1 after the 2003 season, so I guess the athletic department was looking for something else, but I’m not sure where 7 came from. Bush’s 7th year in office? Dunno.

In any case, the ceremony was nice, but an ugly scene sort of ruined the day:


Seriously, Tubbs. Time to call them off. Glenn’s having a hard enough time already.

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3 Responses to “Totally uncalled for”

  1. Tank says:

    I tell ya what’s uncalled for……..that hippity dippity Steltz looking like the lost Hansen brother……Just shameful.

    And Glenny needs to keeps those eyes up and hands low. Then he wouldn’t need to worry about chop blocks outside the Lincoln bedroom.

  2. Maybe the “7″ on the Bush jersey stands for the season year: “2007.” Doesn’t jive with the “1″ for 2003, but maybe that was their motive this year.

  3. Cap'n Ken says:

    Yeah, I suppose that’s logical. If it were “07″ I would make that connection, but “7″ just means Bert Jones.

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