Me, now

It’s been quite some time since I’ve written much of anything not related to college football. For longtime Wisdom readers, the outward appearance is probably that not much is happening with old Cap’n Ken.

In reality, though, the past eight months have been a whirlwind of change. And I find myself immersed in a new world pondering how to reconnect to the old world.

All of this change has been driven by two primary events; the birth of my daughter August 1 and being laid off by EarthLink on August 28. I made a passing reference to having a child, but haven’t really mentioned the layoff here. I can’t say I’m not somewhat bitter at the trajectory of my career with the former employer, but I welcomed the severance package when it came.

It’s not how I planned things, but the layoff meant I got paid for a good while to be home with Daphne, the wife was able to go back to work without burning all of her vacation time and we weren’t pushed to daycare like a lot of people when the baby was two or three months old.

And eight months in, I’m still a stay-at-home dad. Only now I’m not being paid for it. The long-term plan is for me to return to work and for the wife to be home and work her freelance web design skills to generate income. The timetable for that is unclear, though.

So my days are spent chasing a baby and my nights and weekends are spent piddling around with web projects hoping to hit upon something that might bring in some money. But more than the potential to generate income, I’m trying to keep my product and strategy skills sharp.

Part of what The Wisdom will be focusing on (at least until football season) will be my night/weekend work, and that may well bore the crap out of those of you not in the industry or coming over searching for “fire Les Miles”. But The Wisdom is not just a platform for my personal rants, it’s also a link out to potential employers, partners, etc. Nobody will know my brilliance if I’m not sharing it, you know.

I may also find time to write some about Adventures With Daphne, but I don’t think I’m looking to be a Daddy Blogger. Unless the AdSense targeting is good for that …

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  1. CD says:


    Hope things are going well with the bambina (is that a word?) Anyway, I’m a jerk for not coming by to see you guys. Are you around this weekend?

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