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My favorite part of the NFL draft

No, it wasn’t that Glenn Dorsey got himself far enough up into guaranteed-money territory to set himself up nicely even if Auburn’s hit-job on him last season keeps him from realizing his pro potential. It wasn’t Craig Steltz and his fabulous man-mane being matched so perfectly with the Chicago Bears. It was this: – Former [...]

Link targeting, the “rules”, and the experience

I’ve been tinkering around with things on my new WordPress install, and one of the tweaks I just rolled out was changing the default behavior of the “link” button in my post editor to add ‘target=”new”‘ to the end of URLs I’m linking to. Simple enough tweak (look for quicktags.js in your wp-includes/js directory, kids), [...]

Wards of the state

I was reading an AJC piece tonight about the post-tornado recovery efforts in Grant Park’s historic Oakland Cemetery. And I was struck by this sentence: FEMA, which will fund the majority of the cemetery’s renovation and cleanup, has dispatched archaeologists to Oakland for legal, as well as scholarly, reasons. FEMA – The Federal Emergency Management [...]

Sweet – my Dish DVR is illegal!

Well, just the 942 I have upstairs and the 721 I have stuffed away in a closet somewhere – and it doesn’t apply to me since I already bought them. But the fallout of the TiVo patent case apparently is that Dish can’t sell those machines anymore. Of course, they’re not actually selling them anymore, [...]

Extraface scores Yahoo thrift store gem

My buddy and former EarthLink underling Dave Coustan (brilliantly known as Extraface out in the world) scored himself a hell of a find at a thrift store this weekend. The Yahoo Web Speak game no doubt made many a girl LOL around the turn of the century, and I hear Microsoft and Yahoo executives are [...]

Demarcus Buice denied bond, makes awesome apology

This is a bit of a cross-post from Live For Buzz (still building juice there), but it was a big day for Buzzers down at DeKalb Magistrate Court. The short story (see Live For Buzz for details) is that there is a local perp named Demarcus Buice who is charged with four burglaries and suspected [...]

Helio personal data breached

I got a notice yesterday from Helio, my former wireless carrier through my former employer, that I am among a group of their subscribers whose personal information may have been breached and that I’m in danger of identify theft because of it. We are writing to you because of a recent compromise in security. Helio [...]

Totally uncalled for

The LSU football team made their pilgrimage to the White House yesterday to get the obligatory pat on the back from the President. Good job by Steltz of getting his manly mane up front for the big photo op with George: And we gave Bush a 7 jersey, not a 1 (like Texas) or a [...]

Me, now

It’s been quite some time since I’ve written much of anything not related to college football. For longtime Wisdom readers, the outward appearance is probably that not much is happening with old Cap’n Ken. In reality, though, the past eight months have been a whirlwind of change. And I find myself immersed in a new [...]

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