The transition is final

Dammit – no more of this back and forth. I hope all of you either have switched over to the new feed or get the old feed through the hack I worked up.

Both comments and pings are currently closed.

3 Responses to “The transition is final”

  1. Cap'n Ken says:

    Update – my hack to bring old comments over apparently busted the ability to add new comments … so for now old comments are gone, but ability to add new comments is back. Compromises …

  2. Smoove D says:

    Why the switch? Was Serendipity really that bad?

  3. Cap'n Ken says:

    No, it’s not that Serendipity is “bad” – it’s just that WordPress has become really “good”. Large part of that is the size and involvement of the community building plugins and the like.

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