The new Wisdom

OK, so I think my migration to WordPress is complete. Man, what a hassle.

There are still a few bugs around, but I’m be working on squashing them soon. And more to come on things you should know about the changes.

But the most important thing is to make sure the transition went as smoothly as I think it has. I’ve only had to jettison the majority of comments (some hand-crafting involved to port them over to the right place – and I can do more porting as I see fit), but otherwise the Wisdom should be relatively intact here.

And because I value you, loyal readers, the most, I spent a lot of time on a RSS hack that I think should be working to show you the new feed at your existing Wisdom RSS location. If you’re seeing this post and you haven’t changed your RSS feed, then it’s working. There might be a problem with iGoogle and other web-based services, so if you’re not seeing this in your feed, hopefully you will have seen my last post in the old platform and have come here to update …

More later. Good night.

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