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April 1 should be Power Off The Internet Day

Just to spare everybody the inevitable flood of lame online April Fools pranks, the Internet should just be powered off for the day.

The transition is final

Dammit – no more of this back and forth. I hope all of you either have switched over to the new feed or get the old feed through the hack I worked up.

The new Wisdom

OK, so I think my migration to WordPress is complete. Man, what a hassle. There are still a few bugs around, but I’m be working on squashing them soon. And more to come on things you should know about the changes. But the most important thing is to make sure the transition went as smoothly [...]

What the tornado brought

As most of you know, a big wind blew through Atlanta a week ago Friday. The tornado that left F2-level damage Downtown and F0-F1 damage here in East Atlanta thankfully passed about a quarter-mile north of me, so we suffered no damage. Our yard, however, was littered with all sorts of mysterious debris. Inspecting for [...]

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