LSU bad enough to destroy Ohio State

Last night”s BCS Championship Game started bad for LSU. Real bad. And that turned out to be good. Real good. Four plays into the game, Ohio State was up seven. LSU”s first possession went like this: Three-yard run / incomplete pass / misfired shotgun snap / punt from the six on fourth-and-24. Ohio State opened their subsequent drive with a 44-yard pass to the LSU 15.

Things were bad. And that was good.

The Tigers held Ohio State to a field goal to find themselves down 10-0 five and a half minutes into the game. And the shock of such a horrible start was just what the Tigers needed to get back into focus.

It shouldn”t be this way, and LSU knew that. Without the catastrophic beginning, the Tigers might have slogged along playing halfass football like they did against Tulane in the same building three months ago. Had Ohio State been up 7-3 at the end of the first quarter, LSU might not have found the fire.

But they did – in a big, big way.

After the Buckeye field goal, LSU rolled off touchdown drives of 80 and 66 yards and unleashed a ferocious defense that led to a blocked field goal on one OSU possession followed by the combo monster safety blitz / big hit on the QB / pick downfield thing of beauty on the next Buckeye drive and a beautiful sack on Ohio State”s final drive of the first half.

And there you had it. 24-10 LSU at the half. In a normal circumstance, this turn of events would demoralize the victim. In Ohio State”s case, it crushed them. OSU was uniquely positioned to be sent into a state of depression by such a thing, having seen it happen last year against Florida and living the past 364 days vowing to not let it ever happen again.

But it did. Once again the Buckeyes went from feeling like they owned the game to realizing they were being schooled. Yes, the SEC is much better than the Big Ten. Case closed.

Any hope OSU still had was removed by LSU”s 80-yard touchdown drive to open the second half. Killing themselves with penalties couldn”t have helped the Buckeye spirit much.

By the time Ohio State stopped the 31-point LSU run with a pick of Matt Flynn and a fourth-down TD pass, the game was already done. More indignity followed in the form of huge sacks and interceptions before the Buckeyes were able to score again against LSU”s backups.

So Ohio State limped out of the Superdome realizing their position in life relative to the SEC and these Tigers.

It was a beautiful thing.

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