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Leslie Miles – the 2008 view

As the guy still holding the No. 3 spot at Google for Fire Les Miles, I feel a need to re-address my feelings toward Leslie. Googlers will continue to arrive at pieces I wrote three years ago, but for those of you who manage to find this piece, my current view of the guy standing [...]

LSU bad enough to destroy Ohio State

Last night”s BCS Championship Game started bad for LSU. Real bad. And that turned out to be good. Real good. Four plays into the game, Ohio State was up seven. LSU”s first possession went like this: Three-yard run / incomplete pass / misfired shotgun snap / punt from the six on fourth-and-24. Ohio State opened [...]

BCS Championship Game Prediction

Trying to get past the knee-jerk analysis of “Ohio State is slow, hasn”t played anybody, has sat around too long, etc.”, I”ve been poking around season stats and other things to get a handle on what to expect in the BCS Championship Game. And there are some good stats to back up Ohio State”s chances. [...]

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