IBuyStrays.com – real?

So this ad shows up on Craigslist from a website called IBuyStrays.com. The Craigslist posting and the site are pretty straight-forward: earn cash by selling stray dogs and cats you happen to come across. Seriously? There”s not much out in the world about IBuyStrays.com, and the site is just recently created, so I have a couple of theories.

1) This is somebody opposed to animal research / cruelty, etc. and has set IBuyStrays.com up as a satirical “business” to point out the cruel fates suffered by animals taken away for research.

2) This is somebody looking to make a buck (via the Google ads placed all over IBuyStrays.com), and creating a completely reprehensible site and getting publicity via posting at Craigslist – and having people get outraged and pass on the link to others – is his way of generating visits, pageviews and ad clicks.

The second theory is an interesting one. As somebody who looks to generate visits, pageviews and Google ad clicks, I”ve hit upon a few winners tinkering around with strategies. Search is a good one, but “viral” visits can also be good. I seed things at message boards when appropriate (try posting a picture of Nick Saban”s Mercedes with an LSU sticker on it at a Bama fan site sometime …), and that can be good for business.

But the fake-site outrage angle would be interesting. I”ll be watching out to see if the IBuyStrays outrage grows (hardly anything on Google at the moment), and I”d be curious to see what kind of traffic and revenue is being generated from just a little Craigslist post.

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