Arkansas gets its pig

The sneaking out of town by Bobby Petrino to become Arkansas” new coach is being spun as a quality coach leaving a sinking ship and as a coup for the Hogs, who have been rebuffed by every decent college coach they”ve approached. But that”s not it at all.

The Razorbacks are suckers desperate for a “big name” coach. And Petrino is a worthless sleazebag. Petrino has shown himself to be two things – a sleazy opportunist and a coach not in control of his programs.

I noted the lack of control he exhibited at Louisville three years ago when rumors were LSU was considering him to replace Nick Saban, and his track record during his brief stop in Atlanta was more of the same. He doesn”t command respect, and he doesn”t deserve it.

As for being an opportunist, Petrino”s sleazy reputation is legendary. It”s not that the Arkansas job will be Petrino”s 15th stop in 24 years (opportunistic Nick Saban has been at 13 places in 34 years), it”s that he”s willing to screw people and lie to advance himself. His midnight talks with Auburn, the supposed flirtation with LSU and ultimately his bailing for the Falcons after signing a new contract with Louisville and vowing to stay there show his character.

He”s just sleazy. If Michigan called this afternoon, he”d bolt Fayetteville in a heartbeat.

And I still question his head-coaching credentials. At Louisville, he took over a healthy program in a weak conference and didn”t run it into the ground. Awesome. With the Falcons – pure incompetence. Yet Arkansas is so excited to bring in the NFL”s worst coach that they tossed a huge bag of money at him and hustled him out of Atlanta for a night-time press conference.

If the Hogs did have the chance to hire Will Muschamp, they blew an opportunity. A young, defensive-minded SEC veteran poised to lead a program vs. the disloyal, disrespected and disgraced NFL washout. A poor choice by Arkansas.

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