Les Miles press conference video

Straight from the TVs to the Internets to you …

Please note:

- This was not a press conference to announce a contract extension with LSU. This was a press conference to deny a specific ESPN report from earlier today.

- Les Miles did not, in fact, say he’s signed any kind of extension with LSU. Neither did O’Keefe or Bertman.

- Les Miles did not say he’s going to stay at LSU. He “will be” the head coach – which could mean at 4 p.m. today he “will be” the head coach.

- Was Leslie lying today when he said he has no interest in talking to any other teams or yesterday when he said “”Reportedly, they have asked for permission to speak with me. I will allow that after this game.” Or did his “interest” change between yesterday and today.

I think this saga is far from over. A writer for the Times-Picayune said his information is that no deal has been signed with LSU, which is quite contrary to the reports today (which were quite contrary to the original reports today). So we shall see.

Update: So on LSU radio, with CBS and after the game in the press conference, Leslie said in no uncertain terms that he is staying at LSU and not taking the Michigan job. Fair enough. He’s either not going to Michigan or he’s upping the Saban jackass quotient. I think it’s probably true that he’s staying at LSU. The whole drama that’s been playing out is fishy, though. I’d like to hear the truth of what went on in Baton Rouge, Ann Arbor and Atlanta someday.

But I’ll give Leslie this: At his post-game press conference, he spoke of his love for Michigan, how he would love to coach there and that it pains him that he won’t be. I think that was real and genuine, and I’ll give him credit for that. And he spoke very, very highly of LSU and what the place means to him and his family. Well done.

I still doubt Leslie’s coaching abilities and I will continue to criticize him when I see fit (and praise him when I see fit). But if he’s sticking with LSU, then let’s go from here.

Live version presented here for the reaction of O’Keefe and Bertman.

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