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So this ad shows up on Craigslist from a website called The Craigslist posting and the site are pretty straight-forward: earn cash by selling stray dogs and cats you happen to come across. Seriously? There”s not much out in the world about, and the site is just recently created, so I have a [...]

Bob Griese sums Petrino up nicely …

Arkansas gets its pig

The sneaking out of town by Bobby Petrino to become Arkansas” new coach is being spun as a quality coach leaving a sinking ship and as a coup for the Hogs, who have been rebuffed by every decent college coach they”ve approached. But that”s not it at all. The Razorbacks are suckers desperate for a [...]

More good news for New Orleans

Just 977 short days after the city was flooded by the failure of federal levees, UNO”s Lakefront Arena will re-open next May with a Disney High School Musical / Ice Extravaganza. See, Katrina wasn”t that bad.

BCS title game, Michigan A.D. on a boat, and other thoughts

Lots to absorb in this week of BCS Championship Game Glow and Les-will-stay euphoria. Some thoughts about some things: It”s swell to be asked to play for the BCS title. It really is. But this isn”t like 2003, when LSU was one of three undeniable monsters in college football. That year it was a question [...]

On the BCS mess

Split-screen picture-in-picture was never more fun than last night. Watching West Virginia struggle in Pitt”s death grip on one side, Oklahoma rolling Missouri on the other was truly fun. And the mess made by the two latest pretenders falling on the last night of the season is stunning in its complexity. First off, I”ll be [...]

Les Miles press conference video

Straight from the TVs to the Internets to you … Please note: – This was not a press conference to announce a contract extension with LSU. This was a press conference to deny a specific ESPN report from earlier today. – Les Miles did not, in fact, say he’s signed any kind of extension with [...]

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