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SEC Week 11 Recap

Boy, this one”s coming mighty late. I”ve been working on some new-feature development at

Not the year for this

To Scott Rabalais – awww, isn”t he cute! Look at those cheeks!!! – of The Advocate (the Baton Rouge daily, not the national gay newspaper): LSU doesn”t need Auburn and Alabama to lose this year in order to win the SEC West, so you don”t need to use your Saturday column to pimp the idea [...]

SEC Week 11 Predictions

LSU competes in the Swimsuit Competition this weekend, looking to win some style points by rolling Louisiana Tech. And the Tigers had better look good, lest the humans in control of the BCS gain an opportunity to push Oregon up to No. 2. The computers will already punish the Tigers for playing Tech (Sagarin No. [...]

SEC Week 10 Recap

A month ago, it felt great to see LSU get past mighty Florida in the last minute of the game. Three weeks ago I took the loss to Kentucky”s big offense in stride. Two weeks ago I chalked up the last-four-seconds win over Auburn to life in the SEC. Then Florida lost to Georgia, Kentucky [...]

SEC Week 10 Predictions

I”m not one of the LSU fans who hates Nick Saban for leaving Baton Rouge and now winding up in Tuscaloosa. As I”ve mentioned before, he”s a mercenary and a darn good coach. LSU was never going to be his last stop, and I doubt Alabama will be, either. So before I get into predictions [...]

Spencer Tillman and how the "real" media reacts to stupidity

The fine folks over at Fanblogs have brought to light some fantastically bad “journalism” on the part of CBS college football talker Spencer Tillman. Basically, Tillman has no idea what he”s talking about; saying Tommy Tuberville used to be an assistant coach at LSU and things like that. One might think people who are paid [...]

Ryan Perrilloux, The Varsity and bad decisions

It”s unclear whether Les Miles will even suit Ryan Perrilloux up for the Alabama game Saturday [Perrilloux will not make trip to Tuscaloosa], but it”s clear that after whatever went down at The Varsity (the Baton Rouge live music venue, not the famous Atlanta drive-in) last Thursday, Ryan is once again in Leslie”s dog house. [...]

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