SEC Week 13 Recap

Between the huge letdown of LSU blowing the Arkansas game and tending to the YouTube phenomenon that was the Auburn dog bite, my energy being directed toward last weekend”s action went down quickly. But to recap: Leslie and Fonzie agree on one thing – overtime isn”t real football. And they”re right. It”s a crapshoot of made plays, missed plays and luck. If alternating possessions from the 25-yard-line was how football was always played, the college landscape would be very different.

But there”s a solution: Win the fucking game over your inferior opponent before it gets to overtime. LSU couldn”t do that against 8-4 Arkansas, they couldn”t do it against 7-5 Kentucky and they almost didn”t do it against 3-9 Ole Miss, 6-6 Alabama or 8-4 Auburn.

I said going in that the Arkansas game could be a wild affair. Darren McFadden has the ability to totally screw up your gameplan (although Auburn had the ability to hold Arkansas to 67 rushing yards). And LSU”s defense is banged up enough that some slack has to be given there. I want to rant about Bo Pelini”s horrible coaching and strategy, but I do think a lot of the defensive collapse has been due to injuries. Still, LSU should have been able to hold Arkansas back more than they did last Friday.

Offensively, I”m not sure where Matt Flynn”s head was, but going 19 for 43 for 176 yards (in regulation) … against the SEC”s No. 8 passing defense … at home … in the game to keep you in the BCS hunt in inexcusable for a 5th-year senior. Ryan Perrilloux did not play in the game despite Flynn”s ineffectiveness and apparent shoulder injury. And – assuming this was ongoing punishment for the incident at The Varsity and not Leslie simply forgetting Ryan is on the team – I support that. This, Ryan, is what you”ve done to the team by your immature and irresponsible behavior – helped keep us out of the BCS title game. That consequence should be allowed to play out; letting the idiot come save you is not a good message.

Of course, the game would likely have been put away if Early Doucet had stood in the right spot on one particular play. Is Doucet so stupid that he doesn”t understand the rules about how to line up, or is this a symptom of really horrible coaching? It”s hard to say, but stupid procedural penalties are the hallmark of Leslie”s teams, so it”s hard to ignore that history.

In any case, LSU (once again) should never have been in the position of needing to win this one late. But we were. The bad wins (and losses) of Leslie”s tenure are adding up: Kentucky, Auburn, Alabama, Ole Miss and Arkansas this year; Auburn, Tennessee, Alabama, Ole Miss, Arkansas last year; Arizona State, Tennessee, Auburn, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia in 2005.

Three years, 32 wins, 6 losses. By my count, one of those losses (Florida last year) is a “quality loss”, five were poor losses. Fifteen of the 32 wins were expected victories over poor teams, 11 were close-call wins that never should have been close and just 6 (Va. Tech, South Carolina, Florida this year, Notre Dame last year and Florida and Miami in 2005) are what I would call “quality wins” – either hard-fought battles won against strong teams or domination of decent teams. And you could certainly argue about the Miami and Notre Dame wins.

LSU is a highly-talented and completely unprepared team. I hear Michigan might be scheduling a press conference for Monday. I welcome that.

Elsewhere in the SEC:

Tennessee / Kentucky was wilder than I could have imagined. The “Cats should have won this one, but I”m happy to have the Vols to face in Atlanta, not the Dawgs. Missed the pick.

Coach O ushered himself out the door – and Houston Nutt in (great hire) – by blowing the Eh Bowl and my pick there.

Fonzie was suitably embarrassed by Auburn, but offense was not to be found there.

Georgia rolled, as did Florida, and Clemson almost made my blow my pick against the Cocks.

For the week: 4 – 3

For the season: 75 – 17

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