Former LSU coaches and their likelihood to be asked back

With the now-expressed interest in Les Miles by Michigan (he”s awesome, guys! – please don”t take him away!!!), attention must be turned to a potential successor should Leslie leave for the semi-retirement of being the Michigan coach. And, of course, a name that has and no doubt will continue to pop up is Nick Saban. As laughable as the notion of Fonzie bailing out of Alabama after one season to return to LSU is, people will argue that it makes great sense. LSU is where Fonzie had his greatest success; it”s the job that made him love college football so much he had to come back; the job is somewhat less burdened with crazy fan expectations; etc.

With that in mind, I”d like to offer my list of former LSU coaches ranked by the potential that they would be asked to return to coach the Tigers.

1) Bill Arnsbarger – Sure, he”s 81 and has been out of football for 12 years. But he won.

2) Paul Dietzel – Sure, he”s 83 and has been out of football for 25 years. But he won.

3) Bo Rein, should be be found alive on a deserted island in the Caribbean

4) Mike Archer – Actually a viable head-coaching candidate again.

5) The Corpse of Charles McClendon

6) Jerry Stovall

7) The Corpse of Bo Rein, should it be found

8) Gerry DiNardo

9) Nick Saban

10) Curley Hallman

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