Leslie on the Michigan job

Les Miles set the record straight at his weekly press luncheon today: – Bo Schembechler is dead. Funeral was a year ago today, in fact.
- Lloyd Carr”s retirement timing is funny.
- Leslie is not talking jobs, not looking for jobs, doesn”t want a job. But he has a great job.

- It”s not “suppose” that Michigan will call. They haven”t called. It”s not fair to say they should.
- What he”s doing is what we should do, which is to “let it rest”.
- He”s playing football for LSU.

- He”s preparing for “ar-KAN-sas”.
- He loves this team (choking back tears) and will not do anything to hurt it.
- He doesn”t want to talk about jobs, doesn”t care about jobs, doesn”t want to involve himself in that thought process, which is counterproductive to preparation. Please don”t ask again.

He”s so on the first flight to Ann Arbor after the BCS title game (or maybe the SEC Championship Game if we lose that). That is, of course, if Michigan wants him.

Everybody”s saying Michigan will look like fools if they pass on Miles and the guy they do hire washes out. But if Michigan has the chance to hire a true Michigan Man who played and coached for Bo, who dearly loves the university and is currently coaching the No. 1 team in the country … and passes … what does that say about Leslie?

Michigan not offering Miles the job is a much scarier thought than us having to find a new coach.

The video:

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