SEC Week 11 Recap

Boy, this one”s coming mighty late. I”ve been working on some new-feature development at EAV Buzz between diaper changes. So where were we? Oh yeah, Ohio State showed itself to be the weak Big 10 team we all knew they were, and LSU is No. 1 again. Hurrah.

It”s a good thing the La. Tech game wasn”t on real TV and that Oregon had the weekend off, because the Tigers” win was hardly as strong as 58-10 would suggest. Not a bad win, really, and the final score looked good. But had there been an easy comparison between this LSU win and a good Oregon win, the Tigers might be the ones really hoping Kansas loses along the way.

As it stands, though, LSU is squarely in the driver”s seat should the Tigers make it through the SEC Championship Game unscathed. One would hope Ole Miss is not much of a challenge, and god knows what to expect with Arkansas.

Elsewhere in the SEC:

Not a good week for my picks, as Auburn, Alabama and Arkansas all went down. Bad week to pick the “A” teams.

Mark Richt beat Auburn by having his players and fans wear black, I hear. I”m not sure if he thinks the Dawgs can beat Kentucky just on talent, but if not here are some “motivational” suggestions:

- Wear black pants
- Wear no pants
- Change the player names on jerseys to things like “Commitment” and “Excellence”

Alabama losing to Mississippi State was fun. I don”t hate Nick Saban, but I”ve grown to really hate the arrogance of Alabama fans. Your team is not good. Deal with it.

And I hope Arkansas looks like they did against Tennessee when we play them next Friday.

For the week: 3 – 3

For the season: 66 – 13

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