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Former LSU coaches and their likelihood to be asked back

With the now-expressed interest in Les Miles by Michigan (he”s awesome, guys! – please don”t take him away!!!), attention must be turned to a potential successor should Leslie leave for the semi-retirement of being the Michigan coach. And, of course, a name that has and no doubt will continue to pop up is Nick Saban. [...]

SEC Week 13 Recap

Between the huge letdown of LSU blowing the Arkansas game and tending to the YouTube phenomenon that was the Auburn dog bite, my energy being directed toward last weekend”s action went down quickly. But to recap: Leslie and Fonzie agree on one thing – overtime isn”t real football. And they”re right. It”s a crapshoot of [...]

Police dog bites Auburn player during Alabama game

This one’s too good to let pass. Auburn player defending an Alabama pass late in tonight’s game gets bitten by a security dog at the back of the endzone. Reminds me of Uga snapping at an Auburn player during a Georgia game a few years back – but Uga missed. Previous video: Les Miles – [...]

Les Miles – he’s the head coach

I published this last night at the tail end of my coverage of Leslie’s brilliance in the Arkansas game, but I don’t want it getting lost in the shuffle. So I give you “I’m The Head Coach” starring Les Miles: Previous video: Oregon / Arizona – Poon Fight

Les Miles unable to save LSU this time

LSU Head Coach Les Miles – one of the most brilliant coaches to ever walk the sidelines – was unable to pull his untalented Tigers through to another victory Friday, as No. 1 LSU fell to Arkansas in triple overtime Friday. Not even the best coach in college football could save the Tigers on this [...]

SEC Week 13 Predictions

It’s a great weekend for SEC football. The weather (at least in Atlanta) is finally brisk, and a lot is on the line. The way it should be. Except that I’m not in Baton Rouge gearing up to go to LSU / Arkansas. A concession for the baby and wife, who deserved a quiet, stress-free [...]

Poon Fight – Better Late Than Never

From last Thursday’s Oregon / Arizona game, a nice poon fight captured in the stands by ESPN. Slowed to 1/15th speed with blow-by-blow account and set to Loretta Lynn & Jack White’s “Portland, Oregon” (Yes, I know the University of Oregon is in some city that’s not Portland – song just works great with the [...]

Leslie on the Michigan job

Les Miles set the record straight at his weekly press luncheon today: – Bo Schembechler is dead. Funeral was a year ago today, in fact. – Lloyd Carr”s retirement timing is funny. – Leslie is not talking jobs, not looking for jobs, doesn”t want a job. But he has a great job. – It”s not [...]

SEC Week 12 Recap

Who was LSU”s Most Valuable Player yesterday? Bryant Hahnfeldt – Vanderbilt”s kicker. By missing a 49-yard potential game-winner against Tennessee, Hahnfeldt kept alive Tennessee”s hopes for an SEC East title and LSU”s hope to make the BCS Championship Game. If Hahnfeldt makes that kick, Georgia wins the SEC East and LSU”s chances of winning the [...]

SEC Week 12 Predictions

Ooh, no … the correct answer is “don”t lose to Arizona.” Sorry, Oregon; but thanks for playing. Here”s the Holiday Bowl as a consolation prize. More on the BCS picture in a bit, but we”ve got SEC business to settle this weekend. The No. 1-ranked Tigers travel to Oxford to take on 3-7 (0-6 in [...]

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