SEC Week 9 Recap

So, then. I’m feeling pretty good about my picks this week, except for the whole MSU beating Kentucky thing. Because I’m sure all of you predicted that. Some notes from the weekend:

- If Kentucky gets fined $50,000 for not keeping its students off the field after the LSU game, Georgia should get fined $500,000 for its head coach ordering his entire team onto the field to execute the world’s gayest motivational dance:

Mark Richt’s defenders talk about getting his team fired up by ordering such a massive display of unsportsmanlike conduct, but this was a low point in organizational control, class and coaching tactics. A big ole “fuck you” to the accepted code of conduct – ordered by the team’s head coach. Is Georgia so deflated by their repeated embarrassments at the hands of Florida; is Richt so unconvinced of his team’s talent; is he so desperate for a win that it takes a lame and pointless organized taunt by the entire team to motivate the Dawgs? Sad that it came to that, and shame on Richt for stooping to that level.

Best part of this is Richt’s quote about it in his post-game conference:

I spoke to the group after chapel before the game. I wanted to make sure they all understood that the celebration should be a team thing, not anyone’s individual on his own. It was going to be a team celebration, and just once. We weren’t trying to disrespect anyone.

Oh, yes, a fine topic for after “chapel”. What would Jesus do? He’d go out and purposefully take the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty … but only once. After that he’d be cool.

If Georgia gets past Auburn and makes the SEC Championship Game and tries something like that on LSU, let’s just say I’m pretty sure their penalty would be offset by (at least) one from LSU.

- Overshadowed forever by Richt’s very Christian-like celebration plan was the fact that Georgia beat the crap out of Florida and in the process exposed the way to stop Tebow and exploit the Gator defense. Timmy’s not quite broken in half yet, but there’s no way he can play his normal game for another year or two in the SEC.

- Things couldn’t have played out worse for LSU during the off week. Boston College should have lost to Virginia Tech, elevating LSU to the BCS Championship Slot, but the most improbable of comebacks erased that notion. And going into the week, LSU had victories over the teams sitting at Nos. 8, 11, 16 and 22 in the BCS and its one loss was to No. 14. Now LSU has wins over Nos. 11, 16, 20 and 26 and lost to No. 28. Of course, Ohio State has only beaten Nos. 29 and 31; Boston College has only beaten Nos. 11, 24; Arizona State has only beaten Nos. 30, 41 and 44 and Oregon has only beaten Nos. 12 and 19 and lost to No. 30.

- Could the SEC East be more of a mess? The prospect looms of a team with three conference losses representing the East in Atlanta. Tennessee’s horrible pass defense will have to shut down Kentucky (and beat Arkansas and Vandy) to win the East. Georgia will have to hope for a Tennessee loss and beat Auburn and Kentucky. South Carolina needs two Tennessee losses, a Georgia loss and needs to beat Florida and Arkansas. Florida needs two Georgia losses, a Tennessee loss and needs to beat South Carolina and Vandy. Kentucky needs to beat Tennessee and Georgia and have the winner of Florida / South Carolina lose their other game.

For the week: 5 – 1

For the season: 57 – 12

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