SEC Week 7 Recap

Colt David”s 57-yard field goal attempt at the end of regulation Saturday marked the point where LSU stopped playing like the national title contender they are and started focusing on not losing to Kentucky. That strategy, of course, went as flat as Charles Scott on fourth-and-two.

What happened to make LSU think “run it up the middle” was the only option in the third overtime; why didn”t Ryan Perrilloux take a snap after the 6:35 mark in the third quarter; why was Matt Flynn cut loose to throw a critical long-ball pick with 7:20 to go and LSU up three and why – in God”s name – did LSU run a Jacob Hester play with the game on the line and Jacob Hester out of the game?

I wish I knew the answers to those questions. Clearly these were errors in judgment by the offensive coaching staff that turned what should have been an ugly win by LSU over a talented Kentucky team into a disheartening loss. But overtime is a crapshoot, and little breaks either way can spell victory or defeat.

Instead of ragging on Crowton & Co. some more, let me focus on some positives:

- At the start of the fourth quarter, Kentucky was on a roll. The “Cats had just scored to bring the game to 27 – 21 and forced LSU to punt on its next series. Kentucky then drove 50+ yards to the LSU 11. But the Tigers held and Kentucky settled for a field goal to make it 27 – 24 instead of 27 – 28.

- After Matt Flynn handed Kentucky the ball back two plays later, the “Cats again drove the ball 50+ yards to the LSU 9. But again the Tigers held Kentucky to a field goal that tied the game at 27 instead of putting LSU down 27 – 31.

- The LSU defense played without Chevis Jackson and Kirston Pittman in the fourth quarter and without Craig Steltz for a bit of the fourth quarter and still managed to keep Kentucky out of the end zone.

- Clearly on the wrong side of momentum, LSU managed to eat up the last 4:21 of the fourth quarter and deny Kentucky a final chance to score, thanks in large part to a really gutsy run by Matt Flynn on third-and-10 and a beautiful sideline screen to Richard Murphy on third-and-11.

- Giving Colt David a shot at a 57-yarder to win it was an unexpected – and very good – call. He clearly had the leg, but hooked it just a bit.

Had LSU made the last-play kick or pulled out an overtime victory, the aforementioned tidbits would loom very large. As it happens, the lasting image of this game will be Charles Scott face-down in the turf a yard short of where he needed to be. That”s too bad, because LSU did a lot of things to keep this a game when it could have gotten out of hand.

Elsewhere in the SEC:

Hey, what do you know – the only game I didn”t get right was LSU. The weekend”s result can”t make the folks in Athens, Auburn and Tuscaloosa feel very good, though.

For the week: 5 – 1

For the season: 47 – 10

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