SEC Week 6 Recap

I intend (key word – intend) to write more about last weekend”s LSU / Florida game, Leslie”s guts, No. 1, corndogs, etc. sometime later, but before the week slips completely away, a recap of my expectations and results in SEC Week 6. LSU, of course, met the “gut check” ESPN was hyping and beat a very good Florida team Saturday night. I said it would come down to execution and mistakes, and 5-for-5 on LSU 4th downs and two Florida turnovers in the 4th quarter were examples of just that. No, I don”t want to see Florida again in the SEC Championship Game. Go Cocks!

I was right on South Carolina / Kentucky, Auburn / Vandy and the scrub games played by Alabama, Arkansas, Ole Miss and Mississippi State. My only miss was the Tennessee smackdown of Georgia. I haven”t been particularly impressed with Georgia, so this didn”t really shock me. There was just no way I was picking Tennessee after their Florida disaster and nothing to measure them by since then.

For the week: 7 – 1

For the season: 42 – 9

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