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SEC Week 9 Recap

So, then. I’m feeling pretty good about my picks this week, except for the whole MSU beating Kentucky thing. Because I’m sure all of you predicted that. Some notes from the weekend: – If Kentucky gets fined $50,000 for not keeping its students off the field after the LSU game, Georgia should get fined $500,000 [...]

SEC Week 9 Predictions

After three straight “showdown” weekends, my LSU Tigers are letting others sort things out this week – before engaging Fonzie in the ultimate SEC 2007 Showdown next week. This week in the SEC: No. 11 Florida vs. No. 18 Georgia – The Dawgs haven”t looked good since … well, have they looked particularly good in [...]

SEC Week 8 Recap

So that was fun. Just another year in the LSU / Auburn rivalry where little plays out as expected. And, this year, LSU comes out on top and is in the driver”s seat of the SEC West. A win over Fonzie in two weeks and LSU is practically guaranteed a spot in the SEC Championship [...]

LSU / Auburn: The myth of the last second

It”s a shame that the incorrect and hysterical ranting of ESPN”s announcers following LSU”s brilliant touchdown pass to beat Auburn last night is being adopted as reality. “If that ball is incomplete – they lose. THEY LOSE!” said ESPN”s Mike Patrick after the touchdown. “If he even bobbles that, the clock runs out!” followed Todd [...]

SEC Week 8 Predictions

LSU / Auburn has become the defacto battle for the SEC West, and unless Fonzie gets things turned around in Tuscaloosa, this year will be no exception. Both the No. 4* Tigers and the No. 17 Birds are coming into Saturday”s game with 3-1 SEC records, although the Tigers have much more on the line [...]

SEC Week 7 Recap

Colt David”s 57-yard field goal attempt at the end of regulation Saturday marked the point where LSU stopped playing like the national title contender they are and started focusing on not losing to Kentucky. That strategy, of course, went as flat as Charles Scott on fourth-and-two. What happened to make LSU think “run it up [...]

Les Miles hunts for the real killers

More to come on a proper Week 7 Recap, but after the game Saturday, Les Miles said to The Advocate (the Baton Rouge daily, not the national gay newspaper) about some penalties against LSU: “I’m going to have to review it very closely,” Miles said. “It appeared to me that some of those penalties that [...]

SEC Week 7 Predictions

So here we go. LSU passed the “gut check” against Florida and sits as the undisputed No. 1 team in the country. The Tigers” reward is to hit the road to take on No. 18 Kentucky for the first time since the Wildcats doused their coach in Gatorade and their fans rushed the field to [...]

LSU fans smell like corndogs – and other thoughts

Outside of Louisiana (because nobody who lives there seems to know about this), the phrase “LSU fans smell like corndogs” appears to be gaining some traction. Apparently this was started by an Auburn fan visiting Baton Rouge a few years back, and I guess it”s supposed to be the Auburn equivalent of UGA fans saying [...]

SEC Week 6 Recap

I intend (key word – intend) to write more about last weekend”s LSU / Florida game, Leslie”s guts, No. 1, corndogs, etc. sometime later, but before the week slips completely away, a recap of my expectations and results in SEC Week 6. LSU, of course, met the “gut check” ESPN was hyping and beat a [...]

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