SEC Week 5 Predictions

I”ve been distracted for most of the day mucking around in a desperate bid to rescue my iPhone from the not-cool firmware update Apple sent down (yes, I was dumb enough to install it), so let”s see what we have going on in the SEC tomorrow. LSU, of course, is taking on Tulane down in New Orleans (with those ugly but noble uniforms on). And in a preemptive move, Tulane has already taken their starting quarterback out of the game, saving him the pain and humiliation the starters in each of LSU”s first four games have experienced.

So the Greenies, who are 96th in total and scoring offense, will start a sophomore who”s attempted 16 passes this year (completing 9 of them for 75 yards and an interception). Good luck with that. And whoever is No. 2 on the depth chart now – stay loose on the sideline.

LSU 56 – 7

Elsewhere in the SEC:

Auburn visits No. 3.5 Florida. The reeling Tigers look to knock off the Gators for a second straight year; Florida looks for revenge (at home) against the team that turned Urban Meyer into a beggar on national TV. The way SEC Justice works … Auburn wins this game. The Tigers aren”t bad enough to be a team Florida looks past in anticipation of the LSU game next week, but the Gators may be tempted to do so. But given the Gators” scare last weekend against Ole Miss, I think Florida gets past Auburn. Gators 24 – 20

Florida Atlantic at No. 14.5 Kentucky. Yes, Kentucky is the third-highest-ranked SEC team right now. Any chance another small Florida school (currently 3-1) pulls one over on the SEC? Yes – this is Kentucky. But I”m not picking it. Kentucky 45 – 32

Ole Miss at No. 15.5 Georgia. The Dawgs are overly-impressed with themselves after beating Alabama, and the Rebels are overly impressed with themselves after not getting blown out by Florida. Georgia 34 – 24

Mississippi State at No. 19.0 South Carolina. So MSU is on a three-game win streak. Congratulations, Sylvester. Mention that at contract time. Cocks 28 – 17

No. 23.0 Alabama at Florida State. Bobby Bowden is from Alabama and has never coached against the Tide. Nick Saban probably doesn”t know that and surely wouldn”t care. Alabama 31 – 13

North Texas at Arkansas. Hogs 41 – 10

Eastern Michigan at Vanderbilt. Vandy 24 – 13

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