Semi-endorsed: Special LSU uniforms for Tulane game

It”s hard not to get behind the charitable/awareness effort by Nike being organized for the LSU/Tulane game in New Orleans this weekend. The city can use the attention, and the Tigers playing the Greenies in NOLA is a great opportunity for that.

The big deal, of course, is Nike mucking around with LSU”s fantastic, “look at me, it”s 1950!” uniform. White jerseys, purple and gold shoulder stripes, gold helmet, gold pants. It”s just the way the world works.

But this weekend, we get:

Purple jersey with only a hint of shoulder stripes, white helmet, white pants. Outside of the context of helping New Orleans, this is totally not cool. Again, I”m hesitant to tear apart a noble effort, but these are some ugly-ass uniforms.

On the shoulder is the special Nike Pelican/Phoenix logo:

I”m not sure I understand why the Peliphoenix has flowing blonde hair (credit: extraface), but the logo has a bit of a throwback Deco feel to it, so for a good cause I”ll accept that instead of stripes on Tiger shoulders … for this one game.

More troubling, though, is the inexplicable “eye of the Tiger” on the special white pants:

I would like to make this perfectly clear – the “eye of the Tiger” crap is ridiculous and I”m embarrassed that the logo continues to live at the 50-yard-line of Tiger Stadium. It was pathetic to associate LSU with the band Survivor and Rocky III back in the 1980s, and it”s disgusting that LSU still embraces the “eye”. To see the logo spread to our uniforms is troubling to say the least. I fear it will become a permanent fixture.

If this special uniform is a one-off thing only for the Tulane game, fine. But giving Nike a foot in the door of LSU uniform design is more than a little concerning.

LSU must look like this:

Not this:

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4 Responses to “Semi-endorsed: Special LSU uniforms for Tulane game”

  1. Stephen says:

    Just read your diatribe on the, as you put it, “eye of the tiger crap”, and have to point out that you obviously do not know that the song was written by a former LSU student…

  2. Cap'n Ken says:

    Actually, Stephen, Eye of the Tiger was not written by a former LSU student. And even if it was, it wouldn’t change my opinion. Why would it?

  3. TCL says:

    Other things not created by former LSU students:

    Clemson, Memphis, Detroit Tigers
    Mac OSX v10.4
    F-11 Tiger aircraft
    Tamil Tigers, armed secessionist group in Sri Lanka
    Tiger Beat magazine
    Tiger Woods
    “Tiger” Tanaka, James Bond’s Hong Kong liason in You Only Live Twice


  4. Stephen says:

    Actually, it was my mistake, it was the theme song to Rocky that was written by Bill Conti, But the eye at midfield is something we are known for… And as for the little drooling troll deciding to try to interject his 2 cents, try not to jump on the attack before pulling your own head out your azz.

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