SEC Week 2 Recap

Once again, too late and not enough time to do things justice. But here we go: Polls don”t matter right now, and being No. 2 is just as good as being No. 1. So I don”t care that the coaches didn”t move LSU to No. 1 ahead of USC, but I”d like to understand the logic for not doing so.

LSU”s steamrolling of Virginia Tech was among the most dominating Top 10 smackdown in recent memory. In every aspect of the game, LSU simply destroyed the Hokies – then ranked No. 9 in the polls. The Tigers were scary impressive while No. 1 USC had the weekend off.

An objective viewer would see that a team that is 2-0 averaging 46.5 points a game scored and 3.5 given up against a weak in-conference team on the road and a Top 10 team at home is more deserving of the No. 1 ranking than a 1-0 team that only beat a weak second-tier conference team at home 38-10. But it doesn”t matter. Long way to go in this season.

However, the display LSU put on last Saturday takes us from potential for greatness to an expectation of it. Unless Virginia Tech turns out to be Michigan in Hokie clothing, Leslie clearly has the talent and the gameplan to go through our favorable schedule unscathed.

We”ll know more about Arkansas and Alabama come Saturday, but clearly Auburn is beatable and only Florida has shown any signs of being on LSU”s level, albeit against Western Kentucky and Troy. The wildcard is South Carolina, who beat a Georgia team that seemed strong in their opener. The Cocks won”t be tested this week before coming down to Baton Rouge Sept. 22.

Elsewhere in the SEC:

- I blew the Auburn and Georgia picks thanks to those squads blowing their opportunities to win games that were within reach. The coming weeks will tell if these were bad outings by good teams or a sign of things to come.

- I also blew the Mississippi State / Tulane pick. Way to go, Sylvester.

For the week: 6 – 3

For the season: 16 – 4

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