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SEC Week 5 Predictions

I”ve been distracted for most of the day mucking around in a desperate bid to rescue my iPhone from the not-cool firmware update Apple sent down (yes, I was dumb enough to install it), so let”s see what we have going on in the SEC tomorrow. LSU, of course, is taking on Tulane down in [...]

Semi-endorsed: Special LSU uniforms for Tulane game

It”s hard not to get behind the charitable/awareness effort by Nike being organized for the LSU/Tulane game in New Orleans this weekend. The city can use the attention, and the Tigers playing the Greenies in NOLA is a great opportunity for that. The big deal, of course, is Nike mucking around with LSU”s fantastic, “look [...]

The first Harris Poll of 2007

I”ll start this with my usual caveat – polls don”t matter this early in the season (and the AP poll doesn”t matter at all). But it”s worth noting that the first Harris Poll of the season looks remarkably like the coaches poll and AP poll. We”re supposed to believe, of course, that the learned Harris [...]

SEC Week 4 Recap

I”m jumping right in to recap yesterday”s LSU and SEC action – because I was so darned right. LSU absolutely destroyed South Carolina on the ground yesterday, rolling up 290 yards on 50 carries spread out to eight different players (including kicker Colt David – shalom!). Jacob Hester pounded the line, Trindon Holliday dared the [...]

SEC Week 4 Predictions

It looks like LSU might be in for a rainy afternoon of football tomorrow. Going on that assumption, I”m looking forward to an ugly, sloppy affair best suited to the ball-control stylings of Mr. Matt Flynn. Let”s hope he”s driving the bus tomorrow. The Cocks, of course, are high on life after beating Georgia two [...]

SEC Week 3 Recap

It was good to see the LSU machine hum right along without Matt Flynn and Early Doucet Saturday night. It sounds like Doucet is not likely to play against Carolina this weekend, and Flynn is a question mark as well. Some real game experience for Perrilloux and the younger receivers may come in handy. At [...]

SEC Week 3 Predictions

So before the games actually start today, how about some predictions? No. 2 LSU is hosting the Blue Raiders of MTSU in a pillow game between Virginia Tech and South Carolina. MTSU put up 42 points on No. 9 Louisville last week, so they have a powerful offense. Or Louisville”s defense is just that weak [...]

SEC Week 2 Recap

Once again, too late and not enough time to do things justice. But here we go: Polls don”t matter right now, and being No. 2 is just as good as being No. 1. So I don”t care that the coaches didn”t move LSU to No. 1 ahead of USC, but I”d like to understand the [...]

SEC Week 2 Predictions

So week 2 … it”s late; I”m tired, so mostly quick picks here. No. 2 LSU, of course, has the marquee matchup against No. 9 Virginia Tech Saturday night. If ESPN has any time to show the game between tributes and vignettes on the Va. Tech shootings and Hurricane Katrina, here”s what I expect to [...]

SEC Week 1 Recap

Just a tad late on this one (look for the Week 2 preview later today). Trying to think back to a week ago Thursday, the LSU / MSU game played out pretty much as I expected. The LSU offense sputtered and seemed to have trouble adjusting to the new schemes and new guys on the [...]

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