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SEC Week 1 Predictions

Can you smell it? That”s college football in the air. Unless you”re actually in Starkville for tonight”s game, in which case you”re probably smelling something else. I”ve been trying to convince myself that today is Saturday, as Thursday night football makes Jesus cry. But nonetheless, LSU swings into action as the first spotlight game of [...]

College Football Preview: LSU and the SEC West

Never has such pre-season hype been laid upon LSU. The expectation from anyone who believes it is that LSU will play USC for the BCS title next January in New Orleans. ESPN is already pimping the potential of John David Booty playing for the BCS title in his home state against all the rest of [...]

Mike VI is a half-breed?

What the hell? Bengal tiger, man. Bengal.

College Football Preview: SEC East

The defending national champions, Tennessee and Georgia on the upswing, Spurrier still threatening to make South Carolina good … and Kentucky even won 8 games last year. All of these factors make the 2007 SEC East season a hard one to predict. Has Florida lost too much on defense? Will Tebow be a superstar? How [...]

College Football Preview: The Others

We”re now just one week from the kickoff of college football season, and thus begins Cap”n Ken”s Outlook for 2007. The previews will cascade from The Others (non-SEC teams) to the SEC East, SEC West and finally my outlook for LSU. Today – The Others: Hype I Buy: 1. USC. As much as SEC fans [...]

Sportswriters offer meaningless opinion on college football

From what I understand through browsing RSS headlines, the Associated Press today released a ranking of NCAA football teams based on the opinions of a set of sportswriters. I haven”t looked at it, because it”s meaningless. From the headlines, I”ve gathered that USC is ranked 1 and LSU is ranked 2, but so what? The [...]

Jeff Notrica gets a tax-sale date

I reported back in May that the 2006 property taxes owed on East Atlanta parcels owned by Inman Park Properties and various Jeff Notrica entities totaled more than $92,000. And three months later, Notrica has trimmed his outstanding 2006 East Atlanta property tax bills down to $48,831 according to DeKalb County records, but also has [...]

Alton Brown disappoints me

As loyal readers of The Wisdom know, I”m a big fan of Alton Brown and Good Eats (although the current season is kind of disappointing. Whole fish? No thanks. Didn”t even watch that episode). And I enjoyed the heck out of the first season of Feasting on Asphalt, Alton”s motorcycle tour / eating show. But [...]

Yes, we have a baby

As if I hadn”t abandoned The Wisdom enough already (don”t worry – football season is almost here), I find it pretty difficult to compose thoughts with a week-old baby to care for. But for any old friends who aren”t already aware of where to find pictures of the sweet little girl, drop me a line [...]

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