It looks good on you, though

With the 2007 football season a scant month away, I need to think about refreshing the old LSU merchandise closet. And with not having been in Louisiana since … I really can”t remember, I turned to for help. What I saw in the hat section disturbed me. No, not this:

Or even this:

… although both of those are pretty disturbing. What got me was this:

It”s a baseball hat featuring Mike the Tiger wearing a baseball hat. Too bad he”s wearing it backwards; I”m curious to know if his hat has a smaller version of himself wearing a hat.

Worse yet are the above hat”s brothers:

The camo (note, camo has no place in college athletics gear) hat with Mike wearing a purple hat:

And the mind-boggling white hat with Mike wearing a camo hat:

Can”t we just be happy with a simple hat with “LSU” on it?

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