Inman Park Properties update

It has been suggested to me that an update is in order about some of the positive things Jeff Notrica has done in East Atlanta recently. Fair enough. Notrica owns the block (except for the Graveyard Tavern) on Glenwood Avenue between Joseph Avenue and Gresham Avenue and has been active in bringing new business in there. In the past couple of months, two new restaurants – the vegan place Cenci and the great new place The Glenwood – have opened as has a real estate office, Origins.

And Notrica apparently (it”s not showing up in online property records yet) purchased the former Good News Cafe space on the corner specifically to bring the well-known lesbian bar My Sister”s Room to East Atlanta. It opened a little while back as well.

So Inman Park Properties does deserve credit for getting businesses open in what had been a troubled strip. The previous owners had bought it out of bankruptcy, I believe. I would argue, though, that all of these spaces were pretty much ready to go and it”s an easy thing to lease out existing spaces in a desirable commercial district. That”s Notrica just doing business as one would expect. It”s his reputation for letting buildings rot that makes this notable.

In the case of My Sister”s Room, though, it seems the bar”s owners were working directly with Inman Park Properties to find a new space somewhere intown. I suppose the bar could have just approached the previous owners of the Good News space (the same group that owns the Graveyard Tavern space), but for whatever reason it worked out where Notrica purchased the space specifically to lease to My Sister”s Room. And the opening of My Sister”s Room is a very good thing for East Atlanta. The club has an existing customer base, many of whom I imagine don”t live in East Atlanta. So it”s bringing a steady flow of people in, which has to be helping the other businesses here as well.

Just down Flat Shoals, work is progressing at the former Tucker Auto Electric building, which is owned by Inman Park Properties and has sat vacant for years. It”s getting a major renovation to become a pub, and that”s a very welcome turn for a real EAV eyesore. Word is the place will open around September as the Midway Pub.

All good news there. There are still problems with some of Notrica”s properties, most notably the empty lot on Glenwood next to a day care center. It”s become a camp for bums, but attempts are underway to resolve that. We”ll see how serious Inman Park Properties is about fixing that problem.

If the trend is that Notrica realizes East Atlanta is a good place for him to do business (rather than just a good place to own property to maybe develop someday), that”s very welcome. As the biggest property owner in East Atlanta Village, Inman Park Properties has tremendous influence over the neighborhood”s future. And that”s why I watch them closely.

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