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It looks good on you, though

With the 2007 football season a scant month away, I need to think about refreshing the old LSU merchandise closet. And with not having been in Louisiana since … I really can”t remember, I turned to for help. What I saw in the hat section disturbed me. No, not this: Or even this: … [...]

This Sirius / XM plan I can endorse

So in hopes of getting their merger to go through, Sirius and XM are now pitching the idea of ala carte packaging of channels as a subscription option. As stupid as the idea of buying TV channels ala carte (ads and carry fees still pay the bills on most of cable, kids, so ESPN would [...]

My hospital bag

As many loyal Wisdom readers know, the wife is about to release a new human into the world. Due date is July 28. So I”ve got my hospital bag together and want to make sure I”m not missing anything. So any new dads out there – let me know if I”m lacking something. I have: [...]

Inman Park Properties update

It has been suggested to me that an update is in order about some of the positive things Jeff Notrica has done in East Atlanta recently. Fair enough. Notrica owns the block (except for the Graveyard Tavern) on Glenwood Avenue between Joseph Avenue and Gresham Avenue and has been active in bringing new business in [...]

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