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Fox 5 lies in "clarification" about East Atlanta murder story

Now that Fox 5 has run its “clarification” about the Atlanta homicide story during the newscasts that ran the reports I”ve seen, I can confirm that they are lying about what they originally reported, which is pathetic, but not entirely surprising. In the clarification (this one is from 10 p.m. last night – the script [...]

LSU + XM = Boo

LSU and the SEC are jumping ship from Sirius to XM for sports broadcasts, with most schools (including LSU) switching over to XM this fall. To that, I say boo. As I”ve said before, XM sucks. They suck because their music channels suck. Sports, talk and other programming is a matter of what deals they [...]

Fox 5 Atlanta defames East Atlanta

Oh, this has pissed me off. Last night and today, Fox 5 here in Atlanta has been reporting on the increase in murders in our fair city during 2006. The biggest increase in the number of murders occurred in Atlanta”s Zone 6, of which East Atlanta is a part. In 2006, there were 15 homicides [...]

Apple Store Down

No, really. A physical Apple Store “closed for renovations” and – according to the nice gentleman who told us not to take photos – re-opening tomorrow morning [check that: says June 9]. This is the Apple Store at Lenox Square in Atlanta – today, June 1 around 11:15. So are they remodeling for some [...]

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