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So Ryan Perrilloux finds himself in a good bit of trouble for trying to get on a casino boat using his older brother”s ID. A big deal in itself? Hardly. We all know underage SEC quarterbacks like to have a little fun in the off-season – right UGA sophomore QB Matthew Stafford?

The problem for Perrilloux, of course, is that the casino incident follows on the heels of his brush with federal counterfeiting charges and his general less-than-sunny reputation as a big talker who”s not proved anything to this point on the field. So Leslie has put him on suspension and is now talking about Jarrett Lee as a No. 2 QB this fall. That”s a good move, as Perrilloux apparently doesn”t realize the special responsibility you take on as a bigtime QB.

It also wouldn”t be a bad idea to drive out to LaPlace and check for pit bulls at his house.

Elsewhere in LSU football, ESPN has picked up the Virginia Tech game – for a 9:15 p.m. Eastern kickoff. Damn that”s late. And CBS hasn”t yet committed to picking up the Florida game, but the possibility exists for it to be on CBS at night. That would be most excellent, but I guess CBS wants to see how LSU and Florida respond to the hype.

Speaking of hype – Lindy”s puts LSU at No. 2 in the country going into the season. We”ll see. As I”ve said before, having four first-round NFL draft picks means a lot of 2006 success came from talent on the field that won”t be there this year. LSU should be good, and expectations are rightfully high with a lot of returning talent and a favorable schedule, but we”ll have to earn it.

And finally, there will be a Mike VI, so PETA should move on to something else. I hear Auburn”s tiger bird is unhappy, so go check that out.

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